Targeted multi-organ support

ADVOS multi is an integrated multi-organ support device that enables completely individualized treatments with a focus on one or more leading organs and offers users the following advantages:

  • Performance


    Blood flow: 100 – 400 ml/min

    Concentrate flow: 160 – 320 ml/min

     Dialysate flow: 800 ml/min

    Anticoagulant: Citrat, Heparin, others


  • Technical data


    Height: 172 cm

    Width: 66 cm

    Depth: 84 cm (storage location item) 101 cm (work item)

    Footprint: 62 cm x 63 cm

    Empty weight: ADVOS multi 170 kg

    Empty weight: Container 34 kg

  • Application


    Self-test: The self – test is an automated test to check the protection systems and is done with every restart of ADVOS multi.

    During the preparation phase the ADVOS multi performs two tests,  T1 and T2. These automatic tests are used to check the tightness of the installed tubing system and the functionality of protective systems and bypass valves. No treatment can be started without a successfully completed test.

    Preparation: During preparation, users are guided through a menu step by step to set up and fill the ADVOS multi properly. After completion of preparation (approx. 45 min), the ADVOS multi is ready to begin the treatment.

    Treatment: The duration of treatment depends on the clinical condition of the patient and according to the medical directive, each individual treatment lasts between 8 to 24 hours.

    Post-treatment: The ADVOS multi empties the dialysate circuit automatically, the disposable items must be disposed of by the user.

    Disinfection: After each treatment, a short disinfection of the machine has to be carried out. This runs automatically after a short preparation phase by the user (5min).